1474314863_speech-bubbleSee this post for two brand new groups that you can get involved with on campus next 2017-18 school year.

1) Public Health Outreach Group (PHOG)

  • This group aims to raise awareness within the Ryerson community about health issues, both foreign and domestic, that impact our world. It will serve as a forum for discussion on emerging and prevalent health issues that we have learned about in our classes and on the news.
  • This group is open to all RSU students in any program
  • Activities will include: awareness campaigns, fundraising, community outreach, condom distribution and STI awareness events, and conferences/discussion panels.
  • Social Media pages to be created

2) Friends of MSF/ Doctors Without Boarders

  • We are extremely lucky to announce that Friends of MSF/Doctors Without Boarders has opened a chapter at Ryerson University! This group will raise awareness on campus regarding MSF campaigns and encourage students to consider working with the organization upon graduation. This is a great opportunity for Ryerson students interested in involvement in the humanitarian field and would also showcase our students’ future interest in global social justice and health equity.
  • This group is open to all RSU students in any program
  • Social Media: Twitter handle is @FriendsMSF_RU and our Facebook handle is @FriendsMSFRyerson

Stay tuned next school year for ways you can become a member or volunteer for either one of these groups.