Computational Social Science Program at U Chicago

1454964291_icon-81Computational Social Science is an emergent approach in which students apply the latest innovations in computer science and statistics to complex social questions.  Working with very big data, on a scale that far exceeds earlier research, computational researchers are devising innovative formal, statistical, and computational models to make important contributions across the social sciences.

Our deadline is April 30th. We are training our students for elite-level PhD admission in Sociology, Economics, Political Science, Psychology, History, and Anthropology.

Nearly all students we admit will receive a half-tuition grant in the first year, and a two-thirds tuition grant in the second.

We also furnish extraordinary support for professional placement, with paid internships between the first and second year, on-campus recruitment from prominent firms, and three years of work eligibility for international students as a recognized STEM program.

Students can learn more about our program, and find a link to apply, at

GRE scores can be submitted after April 30th, for students who do not have them in hand.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions. Chad Cyrenne, our Managing Director, can be reached at