1477682983_line_mix_vol-7-52Department of Economics is offering number of NEW courses in both liberal studies and professional/professionally-related next year.

All course below are eligible to be counted for an ECONOMICS minor.

NEW Liberal Studies Courses in Economics

ECN 507 Economic Justice 

ECN 512 The Economics of Sex 

POPULAR Liberal Studies Courses in Economics

ECN 110 The Economy and Society 

ECN 340 The Economics of Human Behaviour 

ECN 440 Booms, Busts, Panics and Manias

ECN 503 Economic Development 

ECN 511 Economy and Environment 

ECN 722 The Economics of Sports 

NEW Professional or Professionally-related Courses in Economics

ECN 703 Public Sector Economics (FALL 2017)

ECN 724 Advanced Econometrics (FALL 2017)

ECN 729 Sports Economics (FALL 2017)

ECN 601 The Economics of Information (WINTER 2018)

ECN 803 Canadian Tax Policy (WINTER 2018)

ECN 808 Economic Growth and Technological Change (WINTER 2018)

ECN 723 Applied Research Methods (FALL 2017 AND WINTER 2018)

Please go to http://www.ryerson.ca/calendar/2017-2018/courses/economics/ for full list of economic courses.