1453495934_rubyThe upcoming application deadline for the Dennis Mock Student Leadership Awards (Psychology students) is Monday, 30th January 2017 at 4pm. 

 The Dennis Mock Student Leadership Award recognizes graduating students who have made outstanding contributions to their academic program, their faculty, or to the university.  Past winners have been recognized for their community service within the university, student leadership, extracurricular activities at Ryerson, and making contributions to the Ryerson community.

–Undergraduate or graduate students who have/are graduating in Fall 2016 or Spring 2017 (the current academic year)
–In a full time or part time Ryerson degree program
–Clear academic standing (1.67 CGPA) at the time of nomination
How to Apply in Psychology
Students are allowed to self-nominate for this award, or have a faculty member nominate them. Undergraduates must submit their applications to Sarah Carmichael (sarah.carmichael@psych.ryerson.ca). You must submit the documents specified below.
  • A word document that details as much of the following information as possible. The more of these criteria that are addressed, the more likely the student is to be successful.
  1. Volunteer contributions (non-paid work) to Psychology, the Faculty of Arts, or to the university;
  2. The names of extra-curricular university-related committees/organizations and a description of the activity and the years in which you have been involved (please do not use acronyms)
  3. The impact you made through your volunteer roles. Specifically, describe any improvements in the quality of life of Ryerson students; describe any contributions you made to the sense of community at Ryerson; specify your notable achievements in volunteer roles, and the impact of these achievements.
  • Your resume or CV
Once your application is received, the Psychology Department Awards Committee will adjudicate it. The committee will make the decision about which students get advanced to the Faculty of Arts who will then make the final awards selection. Students selected for the award will be honoured at an Awards Presentation to be held the last week of March, 2017.