1481750018_purple-transferA request to transfer to another Ryerson program is made by completing an online Ryerson Application. An $85 application fee (subject to change) must accompany the completed Ryerson application.  In addition, applicants must submit a completed Supplementary Form to Undergraduate Admissions and Recruitment via the Document Upload page. Details on the Supplementary Form can be found on the Applications and Related Forms page.

Requests for transfer will be considered only if students fulfill the admission requirements for the program of their choice and only if space is available in that program. Transfer applications (including supporting documents, where required) will be given equal consideration provided they are received by the guaranteed consideration date. Requests received after these dates will be considered subject to space availability. There is no guarantee that a student will be able to transfer to another program. Students requesting a transfer will compete with all other candidates for admission and consideration is subject to space.

Students are advised that they can have formal status in only one Ryerson degree program (including Special Student studies) at any given time. When a student applies for and is offered a transfer from one Ryerson program to another, the student forfeits their status in the original program.

Students who have a REQUIRED TO WITHDRAW (RTW) Standing, may not transfer to ANY Ryerson program until 12 months have elapsed following the RTW Standing (regardless of program). As well, no courses taken at Ryerson (or elsewhere) within this 12 month period will be granted Ryerson credit, except courses completed as part of the Student Success Program (Fresh Start).

Students cannot apply to transfer to ANY Ryerson program immediately after receiving PERMANENT PROGRAM WITHDRAWAL Standing. Students may only apply to a different program for the fall semester of the following calendar year (regardless of program).

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