1477682983_line_mix_vol-7-52Some students may notice that courses they selected for enrolment were dropped, and subsequently not added to their schedule.  While we have previously blogged about this issue and why it might happen, some students may still be confused.  This post is intended to clarify some key points on dropped courses.

If a course is dropped, it could be due to a time conflict, course oversubscription, a hold on your account or due to a band restriction.

> What is a Band Restriction?

Ryerson University uses an enrolment request prioritization system called banding – this means that requests to enroll in a course are not simply “first-come, first-serve”.  In each semester, each course is assigned a band which correspond to your home program / degree.  Depending on the semester, your priority level will change, and your chances of getting into a course change with it.  This may be because students from a certain program require the course as part of their curriculum, or one of many other possible reasons.

> Possible Solutions

  • Choose an alternative course in its place and/or take the course next semester.
  • Monitor RAMSS for open seats during Open Enrolment (January 3 – 27). Please be persistent and patient.
  • Check if the course is available via the Chang School of Continuing Education.

If you have any further questions, please contact Sarah Carmichael or Shadi Sibani.  Please remember that administrative staff are not able to accommodate any override requests.