Important Information for the Holidays

1482284169_infoThis is a friendly reminder that your program advising team (Sarah Carmichael and Shadi Sibani) will not be available by telephone or email from the end of December 23 to January 8 when the University is officially closed for the winter break.  If you have questions about your Fall term grades or Winter 2017 courses, they will be pleased to assist you when the University re-opens on Monday January 9th.   See this post for full details.

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Ontario Public Service Jobs for Arts Students | Jan 11/17


Meet the OPS on Wednesday, January 11th at 2pm.  Faculty of Arts students and alumni learn about Summer Jobs and New Grad Internship Program opportunities with the Ontario Public Service.  Get tips on how to apply successfully for upcoming opportunities.  Register at | Click On This Event On The Calendar To Register.

PSA Montreal Weekend Trip (Jan 13-15, 2017)

1444078238_CanadaThe PSA is planning a weekend trip to Montreal to tour the Psychology Grad programs at McGill and Concordia universities so students can determine if the program, school, and culture of Montreal is a right fit for them. The trip is taking place from January 13th- January 15th, 2017; before the full start of second semester.  If you are interested in attending, please fill out this form.

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Interested in Transferring to a Degree Program Outside the Faculty of Arts?

1481750018_purple-transferA request to transfer to another Ryerson program is made by completing an online Ryerson Application. An $85 application fee (subject to change) must accompany the completed Ryerson application.  In addition, applicants must submit a completed Supplementary Form to Undergraduate Admissions and Recruitment via the Document Upload page. Details on the Supplementary Form can be found on the Applications and Related Forms page.

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Fostering, Empowering, Advocating, Together (FEAT)

1439333074_couple-1Interested in gaining practical, degree-relevant community experience this semester Fostering, Empowering, Advocating, Together (FEAT) for Children of Incarcerated Parents ( is a non-profit organization that works to improve the lives of children and youth affected by familial incarceration.  In partnership with FEAT, Ryerson University undergraduate and graduate students can become volunteer mentors at one of the four Peer Mentorship programs offered throughout the GTA.

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Note Regarding Your Schedule | Dropped Courses

1477682983_line_mix_vol-7-52Some students may notice that courses they selected for enrolment were dropped, and subsequently not added to their schedule.  While we have previously blogged about this issue and why it might happen, some students may still be confused.  This post is intended to clarify some key points on dropped courses.

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