Volunteer Research Assistant Opportunity

1448658047_userThe Kang Lee Lab is currently in need of Volunteer Research Assistants to help out with a study investigating the detection of emotions in participants as they watch several video clips and images.

The study involves the use of ECG/EKG, Respiration Belt, GSR, Laser Dopler, and Blood Pressure Monitor to allow analysis of the participants’ physiological conditions during the study. Volunteer Research Assistants will be trained and expected to help with recruitment of participants, data entry, assistance of the study as experimenter 2 and running the study as experimenter 1.
Requirements: While Volunteer Research Assistants will be trained for all tasks, we require them to have great communication and organizational skills, initiative, the ability to work well within a team as well as individually. Experience in research or in working with children, parents and elderly people is preferred.
Application Process: Please email the lead Researcher on the study at sijia5.wu@gmail.com with your cover letter, resume, unofficial transcript and availability to apply for the position.
Location: Near King Station