1477682983_line_mix_vol-7-52Exams are almost here! See this post for important information about examination procedures at the Mattamy Athletic Centre, including a new video: https://youtu.be/baQObucpakM.

What should I bring?

  • Student ID Card (which must be on your desk)
  • Sharpened pencils, pens
  • Any exam materials allowed by your instructor such as approved calculators

What are important things I need to know about exams?

  • You can be up to 30 minutes late
  • You will not be allowed into an exam if you are more than 30 minutes late
  • You may not leave an exam in the first 30 minutes or last 15 minutes
  • Academic Integrity Policy 60 is really important: http://www.ryerson.ca/content/dam/senate/policies/pol60.pdf
  • Accessing a cell phone, watch or other unauthorized aid is not allowed and will be treated as a breach of the academic integrity policy:www.ryerson.ca/academicintegrity

Visit the examinations website for more information: ryerson.ca/registrar/students/exams

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