Winter 2017 Timetables & December Enrolment Appointment Dates

cautionThe enrolment appointments for making changes to your Winter 2017 semester schedule are fast approaching – please carefully read through the following information.

View Your Winter 2017 Timetable

If you did your Course Intentions successfully in March, May, August, or September this year (YES, there are that many opportunities for you to do course intentions each year!!), you will be able to view your Winter 2017 timetable starting today MONDAY 21ST NOVEMBER (exact time unknown) via RAMSS.

>> Important Note

Your course intentions will be dropped first, then reloaded to display your actual course enrollments with dates/times/locations, etc. DO NOT PANIC! Be patient since there is a lag time so just wait for your courses to be loaded again.

Enrolment Appointments

Your enrollment appointment date determines when you will FIRST be able to make changes to your schedule. You will be able to make changes on RAMSS from that appointment date through until January 27th, 2017.

>> Enrolment Appointment Dates

  • First Year: Friday 30th December @ 8:00 am
  • Second Year: Thursday 29th December @ 8:00 am
  • Third Year: Wednesday 28th December @ 8:00 am
  • Fourth Year: Tuesday 27th December @ 8:00 am
  • Open Enrollment: Tuesday January 3rd to Friday January 27th

Please note: If you are happy with your schedule, then you do not need to worry about the December enrollment appointments.  That is the bonus of doing your course intentions!

Dropped Courses/Timetable Conflicts/Courses Not Showing

If you find that some of your courses are not listed in your timetable, this could be due to several reasons:

>> Time Conflict

This issue is the most common.  If the course that is dropped is the one you want to keep, then during your Enrollment Appointment time, make sure you SWAP courses rather than Dropping then Adding a course to avoid potential errors or losing one of your courses.  Here are instructions on how to SWAP a course.

>> Course Is Oversubscribed

This means that more students pre-registered than there are sections of the course.  RAMSS or the teaching department will likely ‘bump’ students out of the course/section who are taking the course as an elective since it is not a requirement of their program degree.  In this case you will need to select an alternative course from the same Table or try your luck in the next term or academic year. You could keep trying to get into the course you want during open enrollment.  Patience and persistence can often get you in!

>> Required Psy Courses Are Not Listed

RAMSS will automatically enrol FIRST YEAR STUDENTS only in to REQUIRED courses. That means that all other students (2nd year onwards) need to enrol themselves in required courses. IF you cannot get into a REQUIRED PSY course, email me and I will try to assist you or provide you with other options in order to progress smoothly through your degree.

>> Hold On Your Account

You may have a hold on your account which may be due to unreturned library books, unpaid tuition fees, etc. If you do not resolve the hold on your account, your courses will not be loaded and you will not have a timetable.