Program Transfer Application Process

1477682983_line_mix_vol-7-52Please read the information below carefully if you are interested in transferring from Psychology to any one of Criminology, English, Environment & Urban Sustainability, Geographic Analysis, History, Language, and Intercultural Relations, Politics and Governance, Philosophy, or Sociology for the Fall 2017 term.

Curriculum information for each of these programs may be found in the 2016-2017 calendar.   You also may choose to transfer from Psychology to one of the following three double majors for Fall 2017:  English and HistoryEnglish and Philosophy; or History and Philosophy.

In order to transfer from Psychology to one of the above-listed programs for Fall 2017, please read and complete the attached Faculty of Arts Program Transfer Form.  (Do not apply through Ryerson’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions.)  You must meet the program’s transferability criteria in order to apply to transfer, and be accepted to the program.  Refer to page 2 of the attached Program Transfer Form for each program’s transfer criteria.

The form must be completed and returned to Sarah Carmichael (JOR-941) by no later than February 2, 2017.  You will not be charged a program transfer fee.


  • All applications/program changes will be considered subject to program capacity and on a competitive basis, and therefore program choice cannot be guaranteed.
  • You will be notified via email, by March 1, 2017, as to whether your program transfer has been approved.  This approval will be on the condition that you meet the program’s transferability criteria at the end of the Winter 2017 term.  If you fail to meet the program’s transferability criteria, the program change will be revoked and you will remain in this program.

If you would like to discuss your program options prior to making a decision, contact Sonny Wong, Faculty of Arts Career, for an individual and confidential appointment.

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