Tonight: Super Mentor Series (5-7pm, PBLC 7th Floor)

1471891761_Bulb_concept_creativity_idea_imagination_genius_lightThe Super Mentor Series, hosted by the SocialVentures Zone, is a series of discussions with esteemed members of the community. The discussion provides students and the Ryerson community an opportunity to understand the paths to success Super Mentors have had, and what their impact is on the community. It is an opportunity for students to be inspired by the great work of our community members and gets them thinking about how they can also make an impact.

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AKFC’s International Youth Fellowship Program

1444944725_planeAga Khan Foundation Canada (AKFC) is a non-profit international development agency, working in Asia and Africa to find sustainable solutions to the complex problems causing global poverty.  AKFC concentrates on specific development challenges in health, education, rural development and civil society. In Canada, AKFC raises funds, builds partnerships with Canadian institutions, and promotes discussion and learning on international development issues.

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Student Life is Hiring

1429557224_job_openingsAre you looking for a job on campus? Student Life is hiring for Summer 2017 & Fall/Winter 2017-2018 Take advantage of this great opportunity to get involved and contribute to the facilitation of Student Life support programs on campus! These positions provide students with valuable experience and the chance to gain a wider range of leadership skills. International Student Support, RU Leadership, Student Life Programs, and Tri-Mentoring Program are collaborating together in hiring students like YOU! Continue reading “Student Life is Hiring”