1477682700_new-pointer.pngThe Department of Psychology will be offering three exciting new additions to our Winter 2017 semester course offerings. We will be offering CPSY511 (Research Methods and Statistics II) via the Chang School; PSY940/Prejudice and Discrimination, and PSY 700/Research Practicum.  Here are more details on each of the courses and information on how to enroll.

CPSY511  Research Methods and Statistics II

This course will run on Tuesday evenings from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm through the Chang School. You can enroll in this from right now up until when the class starts in January via RAMSS. Remember to put a ‘C’ in front of the code!  Here is a link to the course.

PSY 940  Prejudice and Discrimination

This course fits as a Table II psychology elective (Developmental and Social group).  You can enroll in this course during your enrolment appointment at the end of December or during open enrollment in January from 3rd to 27th January.
Course description:
In this course, students will consider and critically analyse psychological theory and research concerning the basic psychological processes of prejudice, discrimination, and intergroup relations. Topics including the origins of prejudice (e.g., emotions, individual differences, etc.), modern day manifestations of prejudice and discrimination, experiences of targets of prejudice, and prejudice reduction will be explored.

PSY 700 Research Practicum

Table II (Advanced Methods and Independent Study).  By application only. Shadi will send out further details of this course and an invitation to apply for this course next week.
Course description:
Students work in a psychological science or clinical psychology laboratory and serve as an apprentice in a research project. Supervised by faculty and graduate students, practicum activities vary depending on the lab focus but generally involve hands-on engagement in the key steps of research from conception to production. Students receive guidance in developing their reading, research, and methodological skills and participate in lab meetings. Students prepare written reports, including a final practicum report