1448499883_icon-93The Canadian Obesity Network Student and New Professional (CON-SNP) Ryerson Chapter is a group of dedicated graduate and undergraduate students at Ryerson who have a strong interest in the study of obesity. The committee strives to offer students in a variety of disciplines a unique opportunity to collaborate, network, and learn about the obesity epidemic. Through various engaging events, the Ryerson Chapter believes they can contribute to the global CON initiative by raising awareness about obesity and obesity related research while critically analyzing recent research utilizing an interdisciplinary approach.

CON-SNP is looking for students to join the 2016-2017 Ryerson Chapter Executive Committee. There are a number of positions that are available this year, including

  • Administrative Officer
  • Event Coordinator
  • Communications Director
  • 2 Activities Coordinators

Descriptions of these positions are available here. All members of the committee will share responsibilities, so you will have the opportunity to participate in activities outside of each role’s specific duties.

Please email consnp@ryerson.ca as soon as possible if you are interested in taking on any of these roles. This presents an exciting opportunity to liaise between departments and collaborate on projects relating to obesity. Furthermore, this type of committee membership can be added to your CV.

If you are not interested in being on the committee, but would like to attend CON-SNP events this year, please email consnp@ryerson.ca and you will be added to our email list.