1473195847_lockedRead this post for information on obtaining a locker this academic year.  The Faculty of Arts does not assign specific lockers to students.

Since a free-for-all method is used for locker allocation, please take note of the four considerations when selecting a locker.

  1. Your locker must be in one of the specified buildings and ranges of lockers from the listing of lockers below.
  2. Only one (1) locker per student please.
  3. There are not enough locers for all Faculty of Arts students. The first student’s lock on a locker claims that locker for the Fall and Winter terms. No sign-up required.
  4. You must clean out your locker before May 1.
  5. All Ryerson lockers that remain unclaimed after September 19th will be available to ANY Ryerson student regardless of program or faculty. No sign-up required.
  6. You are responsible for the contents of locker. Never leave valuables (for example, laptop computers, wallets, jewelry) in your locker. The university will not take any responsibility for any lost, stolen or damaged items in the lockers.

If you experience any incidents of theft or vandalism, please contact Campus Security at 416-979-5040.

Available Student Lockers (Excel)