1429557224_job_openingsTory Hoff is a psychologist with an office nearby at 2 Carlton Street, specializing in the treatment of those in accidents and on disability. He and his full-time office manager need to find someone to fill the part-time admin position.

They prefer someone with an admin/office background, who can work at least ten to fifteen hours a week.  Ideally, the person he hires will be available Mondays until 7 pm, and for a block of time on Wednesdays or Thursdays, or split between both. Duties would include data entry using excel, filing documents, creating some invoices using quickbooks, responding to requests from lawyers for a copy of client files, scoring psychological tests, and learning the basic components of legislation regarding motor vehicle and work-related accidents,  psychological disability, and extended health claims. Starting salary is likely around $15/hr. The more months/years a trainable and then skilled employee can work for him the better.  If interested, send an email to drhoff@drhoff.com, or phone 416-429-9767.