1450741007_pencilJoin a discussion-based Supported Learning Groups (SLGs) to further build your essential academic skills, or check out our current offerings of course-specific Supported Learning Groups. Students can engage with their peers under the direction of a model student-leader and together develop effective ways to build content-processing abilities.

Engineering Tutoring

First-year Engineering tutoring is available for PCS 125, PCS211, and CHY102 in Fall and Winter semesters.

Supported Learning Groups

  • Fall: CHY103, CHY142, MTH131, MTH140, CPS109, CPS118, PCS120, and SSH105
  • Winter: CHY103, CHY113, MTH131, MTH231, MTH140, MTH240, PCS120, PCS130, and SSH105
  • Spring: CHY113, MTH231, MTH240 and PCS130

Fall 2016 Supported Learning Groups

Fall 2016 programming will begin on September 19th, 2016. If you are enrolled in any of the fall semester courses, check your course shell at my.ryerson.ca to share your preferences for session times.

Stay posted for the final schedule released on September 16th, 2016.

More details available on this page.