1448499883_icon-93Fast-track your degree by taking intensive courses during the Fall or Winter reading break! These courses are generally 1-2 weeks long and allow you to earn a course credit in a fraction of the time of a regular day course.  See this post for some intensive-format course offerings from Interdisciplinary Studies (INT).

Note: These courses are only offered through the Chang School of Continuing Education (click here to search courses), so additional fees over and above regular tuition rates apply.    When searching for a course, select the term and then make sure the intensive format option is checked.

Fall 2016 Reading Week Oct 11 to Oct 15

  • CINT905 – X10 – Conflict Resolution
  • CINT906 – X10 – Sexuality: Power and Pleasure
  • CINT910 – X10 – First Nation Issues

Winter 2017 Reading Week Feb 21 to Feb 25 

  • CINT905 – XF0 – Conflict Resolution
  • CINT907 – XF0 – Team Work for Community Services
  • CINT906 – XF0 – Sexuality: Power and Pleasure
  • CINT910 – XF0 – First Nation Issues