Library 101: September 6-16

1450740170_InfoDuring the first two weeks of term, the Library will be holding a brief introduction to Library resources and services called Library 101.  Students can get essential tips on Library staff such as computer access, printing, finding course materials, and getting help.  Anyone can drop in to these as needed, offered daily at 11am, Monday to Friday, from September 6-16.

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Supported Learning Groups (SLGs)

1450741007_pencilJoin a discussion-based Supported Learning Groups (SLGs) to further build your essential academic skills, or check out our current offerings of course-specific Supported Learning Groups. Students can engage with their peers under the direction of a model student-leader and together develop effective ways to build content-processing abilities.

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D-Prize: $20,000 to Launch a Social Enterprise

1471891761_Bulb_concept_creativity_idea_imagination_genius_lightD-Prize wants to award up to $20,000 to solve the world’s global health, energy, education, and corruption challenges. You make up the next generation of social impact leaders and we want to hear your ideas! Check out our Summer 2016 competition, select one of the challenges, and then pitch your two-page idea to D-Prize by October 3. Up to 15 winners will be awarded seed capital and given support to launch a pilot. Join the competition at

COMMA Book Award

1433791678_dollar-billsThe COMMA Book Award provides Award recipients with $500 for the express purpose of purchasing course textbooks for their studies.  The Award is given to a full-time, Faculty of Arts undergraduate student who has demonstrated financial need and who has self-identified as being from a racialized group or who has self-identified as an Aboriginal (Metis, Inuit, First Nations, status and non-status) person.

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William Glassman Prize in Psychology

1453495934_rubyThe William Glassman Prize in Psychology was donated by Professor Emeritus William Glassman of the Department of Psychology at Ryerson University. Each year, this prize (a minimum of $500) will be awarded to one full-time Psychology student completing his or her 3rd year of study and who meets the criteria and guidelines. Students will typically apply for this award at or near the completion of their third year of study.  The application form for the 2016-2017 competition is now online!