1457399827_1Students in the Psychology program have access to two new Midwifery courses (MWF 108 and MWF 325).  Please see this post for full details.

MWF 108 Aboriginal Childbearing is now open for the first time to non-midwifery students. This course explores Indigenous history, experiences and expressions of power as they relate to Indigenous women and childbearing. Indigenous models of teaching and learning are used to explore these topics, with an emphasis on self-reflection, critical thinking and decolonizing understandings of history, experiences and ways of seeing the world.

MWF 325 Birth and Its Meaning is now open to all Ryerson students for the first time (previously only available to FCS students). This course explores representations of pregnancy and birth in society and culture, including popular culture and the media; creative arts such as film, literature, visual art, and other cultural expressions. Attention to diversity in representation and how representations reflect and/or challenge social relationships of power are central to the course. A major piece of creative art work is the final assignment for this course.

Students should contact Cecilia Kong ckong@ryerson.ca if they would like to be enrolled in either of these courses and cannot enroll via course intentions.

Course details for both courses:

Weekly Contact: Lecture: 3 hrs.
GPA Weight: 1.00, Course Count: 1.00, Billing Units: 1
No prerequisites, antirequisites or co-requisites

For detailed course syllabus or additional information please contact Julie Cabanatan in the Midwifery Education Program at ext 5104.

Student can apply this course to their programs using a course directive form.