Volunteer Opportunity: Enrolment & Orientation

11Calling all Student Leaders! It’s that time of year again!  The Faculty of Arts is starting to recruit volunteers for this year’s Enrolment and Orientation events! We’re looking for fun, energetic students to take on the role of Arts Orientation Leaders, and we’d like to invite you to be involved!

What do Arts Orientation Leaders do?
Arts Orientation Leaders can take part in both the Faculty of Arts Enrolment Workshops and the day of Arts Orientation 2015. They help to coordinate the day’s activities and interact with the incoming students. They work with Faculty of Arts course unions, the Student Life Team and Orientation Team as well as Arts staff and faculty. They are often the first point of contact for incoming students.

What’s the time commitment?
All Arts Orientation Leaders will be required to attend a training session, and of course, attend the full day of Orientation. Those involved in enrolment will also be required to attend the enrollment sessions that will be held earlier in August. There will be chances to be involved in other opportunities throughout the summer as well.

Why should you get involved?
Other than a chance to take on a leadership role and help improve the first year experience for incoming students, you will also have chances to connect with staff, faculty members, course unions and your fellow classmates. It’s a great way to build community at Ryerson. It can also potentially lead to other opportunities for you to get involved within the Faculty of Arts, such as future work study positions, the annual summer phone-a-thon and the Ontario University Fair. All of these events and opportunities help you to develop valuable skills for future employment and volunteer opportunities.

If you’re interested in being an arts volunteer please send an email to avala.moore@arts.ryerson.ca. Keep in mind that you should be close enough to Toronto that you are able to come to campus during the summer.