2016 CPA Annual Convention

1448499883_icon-93As you may know, the 2016 CPA Annual Convention is coming up in Victoria, British Columbia, June 9-11. Note that the early bird registration deadline is April 30th, 2016. If you’re a CPA student affiliate, the registration rate by this deadline is $84 (including taxes). Further info on registration and rates available here: http://www.cpa.ca/Convention/registration.

We have packed this post with plenty of information regarding the CPA Convention. Below, you’ll find information on travel awards and updates from the CPA Student Executive Committee. In addition, we’ve attached an information package with more details on grants/awards.

Whether you’re on the fence or will be heading to beautiful Victoria for sure, this information could be helpful.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions regarding the CPA Convention!

Warm regards from your CPA reps,
Jennifer Gould, Amy Mackenzie & Fiona Thomas

Jennifer: jennifer.e.gould@ryerson.ca
Amy: amy.mackenzie@ryerson.ca
Fiona: fiona.thomas@psych.ryerson.ca

1) Information Session

The Ryerson CPA student reps are considering holding an information session for this year’s CPA Convention. Before arranging it, we want to see if a) an information session is of interest to you, and b) make sure that we tailor the session to address topics you want to hear more about.

Please take a second to complete this survey so that we can arrange an information session to best fit your needs: https://ryersonpsych.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_77mKj7wKxCQkA2V

2) Travel Awards

There are a number of travel awards you can apply to. As an example, there is the CPA Section for Students’ Travel Award Competition (20 awards available at $250 each). Please see end of e-mail for details on this award. In addition, you will find a list of other awards in the attached document, including info on Ryerson travel grants and application procedures.

3) Update from the CPA Section for Students (highlights)

You may have received this if you’re signed up to the CPA Section for Students. If not, here’s some relevant info for graduate students that may be of interest (from the CPA Student Executive Committee):

Make sure to check out our recent publication, Convention Survival Guide for Students, which is scheduled to be released in the next few weeks and will help guide your convention experience.

Mark your calendars for the following events tailored specifically for psychology students at the CPA Annual Convention:

  • Section for Students in Psychology Annual Business Meeting(Saturday, June 11 at 13:00-14:00 at Langford, VCC 2; Chaired by Zarina Giannone)
  • Annual Student Social – June 10, 2016at 19:00 at the Bard & Banker Public House, Victoria, BC. Free food and drinks will be provided.
  • Keynote Speaker: Dr. Frederick Grouzet, University of Victoria (Saturday June 11, 2016 from 14:00-15:00, Langford)
  • Presentation Skills and Data Blitz Competition(Friday June 10, 2016 from 13:45-15:45, Ivy Ballroom; Authors: Zarina Giannone, Jennifer Bartlett, Michelle Guzman-Ratko, & Todd Chan)
  • Roundtable Discussion – Promoting Multidisciplinary Learning: Student Perspectives from Across Psychology(Friday June 10, 2016 from 16:30-17:30, Crystal Ballroom; Authors: Zarina Giannone, Somayya Saleemi, Georden Jones, & Jennifer Bartlett)

See the below message for further information regarding the CPA Section for Students’ Travel Award Competition (20 awards available at $250 each).

Please consider registering for the Data Blitz Competition where you can present your research in three minutes or less to a panel of Canada’s top psychological scientists. Prizes will be awarded! For more info, contact Todd Chan at  toddchan@umich.edu

Award Info:

As the annual CPA convention approaches, the Executive Committee of the Section for Students would like to bring two award opportunities to your attention.

  1. Travel Bursaries: The CPA Student Section is offering 20 bursaries worth $250. The purpose of these $250 bursaries is to encourage Canadian students to attend the annual conference of the CPA and present their research.  If you are first author on a poster presentation (submitted to any section) and can demonstrate financial need then you are eligible to submit a brief application. Details are below. Please submit your application to the Chair-Elect of the Section for Students, Kyrsten Grimes, at kyrsten.grimes@mail.utoronto.caThe deadline is April 29, 2016.
  1. Best Poster Awards: The purpose of this $150 award is to encourage high quality submissions to the Section for Students for the annual conference of the CPA. Two $150 awards will be offered, one recognizing the most outstanding undergraduate poster submission and on recognizing the most outstanding graduate poster submission. All students who meet the eligibility requirements will be automatically considered  (see http://www.cpa.ca/students/resources/studentawards/)


The purpose of Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) Student Section’s Travel Bursaries is to encourage Canadian students to attend the annual conference of the CPA and present their research.  This award will recognize high quality students with strong submissions (to any section of the CPA), primarily based on financial need, as determined by the executive of the Section for Students. The applicant’s distance from the location of the annual convention will be taken into consideration.

Award Details

Travel awards will be made available to students at the conference. Students must be at the conference to receive their award. Students will receive their award in the form of a cheque, which may be picked up at the Section’s annual business meeting. The number of awards available and the amount of each award will vary from year to year, based on available funding.

Application Requirement

A complete application will include:

1) A paragraph outlining financial need and relevance of conference attendance to training goals

2) A copy of the abstract submitted to the annual CPA convention

3) Proof of the student’s acceptance to the annual CPA convention

4)  A short statement outlining the distance between the applicant’s university and the annual CPA convention (in kilometers). In the case of applicants completing online degrees or not currently registered in a program, distance may be calculated between place of residence and the annual CPA convention.


The Chair-Elect of the Section for Students will coordinate the Student Travel Awards each year.  Applications must be sent directly to the Chair-Elect via email. All applications will be adjudicated by two executive members of the CPA’s Section for Students.  The executives will individually rank all applications submitted to the Section’s Chair-Elect. The highest ranked applications, as determined by the average of the two executives, will be the winners.  Conflicts of interest and ties will be resolved by having an additional executive member of the Section for Students or an executive from another division evaluate the application.  Conflicts of interest are defined as a personal relationship with the applicant, including previous work together, friendship, or family, but not attending the same institution.

Applicants will be evaluated using the following three criteria: Demonstrated need and benefit of conference attendance; quality of the abstract submission; distance from annual convention.  See enclosed rubric for more details.  Evaluators will inform students on an individual basis of the decision on their application.


There are five eligibility requirements for the Student Travel Award:

-The student must be first author of the submission

-The submission must be made to the annual convention of the CPA

-The student must be an affiliate at the time of submission and at the time of the convention

-The student must attend the convention to receive the award

-The student is not an executive of the Section for Students

Student Travel Award – Evaluation Rubric

Need /6

-Financial need [3]

-Relevance of conference attendance to training goals [3]

Quality of Submission /12

-Appropriate title [2]

-Well stated aims and purpose [2]

-Clear statement of methods [2]

-Clear statement of results [2]

-Clear statement of conclusions [2]

-Overall clarity and quality [2]

Distance /2

-0 points for  < 500 km

-1 point for 500-2000 km

-2 points for > 2000km

Overall Evaluation /20