1457730114_Money-GraphCourse intentions for 2016-17 are next week.  The Department of Economics has reconfigured some of our liberal studies courses.  See this post for full details.

  1. ECN 110 The Economy and Society http://www.ryerson.ca/calendar/2016-2017/courses/economics/ECN/110.html (includes the economics of: racism, gender wage inequality, tenured professors, voting, learning, queuing, free goods, coupons). ECN 110 is now a complementary course to our very popular ECN 340 The Economics of Human Behaviour http://www.ryerson.ca/calendar/2016-2017/courses/economics/ECN/340.html (includes the economics of: religious behaviour and the afterlife, sexual behaviour, marriage and divorce, crime, mass hysteria and panics, suicide and dying, emotions). These courses are offered in both semesters in 2016-17.
  1. We are now offering the very popular ECN 722 The Economics of Sports http://www.ryerson.ca/calendar/2016-2017/courses/economics/ECN/722.html in both semesters in 2016-17.

We are also offering to Arts students the professionally related course ECN 220 Evolution of the Global Economy http://www.ryerson.ca/calendar/2016-2017/courses/economics/ECN/220.html in the Fall.  This course is a mixture of economics, history and politics/public administration.