1453756407_resolutions-23Are you considering working on campus in Summer 2016? If you are, make sure to check out the available Career Boost (formerly Work Study) summer positions starting February 22nd on the Career Boost website. There are 140 full-time positions available! You can work up to 35 hours/week for 14 weeks and earn $11.25 – $14.00/hour (salary varies by position).

Summer 2016 employment period

  • May 16th – August 19th (14 weeks, up to 35 hours/week)
  • May 24th – August 26th (14 weeks, up to 35 hours/week)

Job application

Starting February 22nd, you can apply for any listed positions on the improved Career Boost website. You are able to sort available positions by a variety of filters including job title, department, faculty, supervisor, and job family.

Please note that  any job offer(s) you were about to receive is conditional pending your Career Boost (formerly Work Study) approval.

Prepare your job application

Career Centre is always here to assist you with your resume, cover letter and interview skills. Make a 1:1 appointment online or call us at 416-979-5177.

Career Boost (Work Study) application

Starting May 9th, Career Boost application will be available on Student Financial Assistance website. If you were approved for Work Study in Fall/Winter 2015-2016, you still need to apply for Summer 2016 as your academic and financial status need to be re-evaluated.

If you want to receive the approval as early as possible, completing the following will prepare you for the application:

  • Applied and eligible to receive OSAP for Fall/Winter 2015-2016 academic year
  • Maintain a full-time course load, clear academic standing and cumulative grade point average greater than 1.67 in order to remain eligible for Career Boost approval and your position
  • Return to school as full-time in Fall/Winter 2016-2017

Any questions on the Career Boost approval process and eligibility, please contact the Student Financial Assistance office at jobs@ryerson.ca.

Need help with resumes, interviews, job search, or career paths?

Contact your Faculty of Arts Career Consultant Nikki Waheed at nikki.waheed@ryerson.ca or book an appointment for a one-on-one session.

Student FAQ

Learn more about statutory holiday pay, break policy and program timelines, please visit the Career Boost Program Student FAQ.

Best of luck with your job applications! Feel free to email us at careerboost@ryerson.ca if you have any questions.