1456192498_checkAre you looking for a way to get more involved in the Psychology program and with the Ryerson community?  Are you an enthusiastic team-player, a committed and motivated self-starter, and/or passionate about enhancing both your and your classmates’ time at university?  If you answered yes to these questions, then the Psychology Students’ Association wants YOU!

The PSA will be accepting nominations for the executive team for the 2016/2017 school year until March 9th.  Non-elected positions are included further down in the email.

Open elected positions

  • President
  • Vice President – Finance
  • Vice President – Operations
  • Vice President – Student Life/Events
  • Vice President – Social Media/Advertising

Duties of each role (briefly) include

  • President: oversees and manages the PSA in all its functions and capacities, set agendas and chair meetings, act as liaison between RSU and the PSA, and between the PSA and the Psychology Department. This position is only open to students with significant, previous PSA experience as a volunteer or executive.
  • VP Finance: supervises all PSA funds in an efficient and ethical manner, maintain financial records of all transactions and account balances, oversee executives assigned to the treasury committee. Manages the PSA budget and additional funding towards student activities.
  • VP Operations: oversees all administrative/secretarial duties for the PSA, checks & replies to emails, must record meeting minutes, and represents the PSA in all matters. Oversees executives assigned to operational team.
  • VP Student Life & Events: Must be responsible for booking rooms for PSA events, be highly involved in all PSA event planning & implementation, and supervise executives of the events executive committee.
  • VP Marketing: responsible for maintaining the PSA social media activities, in charge of maintaining Instagram, Facebook page, Twitter account and PSA website, oversee the media/advertising executive committee and with the promotion of the PSA’s events and mandate.
You can find a nomination form here, and hard copies will be available in the Arts Commons (POD349), in Sarah’s office (JOR901) or email the PSA (psa@arts.ryerson.ca) and we’ll send you one! You can nominate yourself or your friends! Completed nomination forms for Executive positions must be submitted to Sarah Carmichael in JOR901 (or put in the box) by Wednesdsay March 9th at 5:00pm.

The following are non-elected positions, new to the PSA for the year of 2016/2017.

  • First Year Academic Representative (unavailable to current students)
  • Second Year Academic Representative
  • Third Year Academic Representative
  • Fourth Year Academic Representative
Role: Representing students based on the year of study to the PSA, as well as representing the course union to students of respective academic year as liaison between students and PSA, Exclusive executive member

Deputy Executive Members

  • Deputy Finance
  • Deputy Operations
  • Deputy Social Life/Events
  • Deputy Marketing
Role: Working alongside the Vice Presidents for efficient operation of sub committees, roles and objectives similar to that of the respective Vice President.
The year representatives and the deputy positions are appointed based on a brief interview process. Please email psa@arts.ryerson.ca for more information.  Become a part of something bigger! Become a member of your community! Become a member of YOUR PSA!