1455233980_Heart-WatchThe Borderline Personality Disorder and Emotion Processing Lab is seeking new volunteer research assistants to aid in conducting studies examining emotion processes in individuals with Borderline Personality Disorder.

We are primarily seeking research assistants to aid in the scoring of psychophysiological data that has been collected from individuals with borderline personality disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and healthy controls. However, there may be some opportunity to conduct experiments involving meeting with participants who have been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder and co-occurring disorders (e.g., depression, anxiety, eating disorders), orienting them to laboratory tasks and procedures, and monitoring participant’s physiologically (e.g., heart rate) while they undergo emotion inductions. There may also be some opportunity to conduct brief phone interviews with individuals with borderline personality disorder, assessing their psychological history.

Research assistants will be learn about taking and analyzing physiological measurement, research methodology and design, borderline personality disorder, self-harm, suicide, intense emotion, and psychophysiological data collection and analyses, in addition to gaining experience in interacting with clinical populations with emotional disturbances. Undergraduates who are in their third year or above, or individuals who have completed undergraduate studies, who can commit to 8 hours per week for at least 6 months are encouraged to apply. Note that prior research experience as a research assistant in a psychological laboratory is mandatory for this position, and those without research experience will not be considered.

Contact: To apply, please send your CV and an unofficial academic transcript to skyler.fitzpatrick@psych.ryerson.ca. Questions can also be directed to this email.