handdrawn-microscope-128Meta-analysis is fun! We are looking for one or two volunteer research assistants who are interested in gaining experience conducting a meta-analysis.

As part of this unique opportunity, you will learn about and contribute to all of the steps in conducting a meta-analytic review. Your duties will include conducting literature reviews, reading primary source articles (i.e., research studies), summarizing key points, critically evaluating research, and assessing whether articles should be included in the meta-analysis.

The experience will allow you to gain expertise in synthesizing information from research articles in a directive way, think critically about core concepts in psychology, and practice your writing skills. Statistical skills are not required. 

The position will be for 1 semester, with an immediate start date, with the option to continue beyond this commitment. You will be asked to commit 8 hours per week to the project. If you are interested, please contact nsugden@ryerson.ca