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Hi Psychology BA Students,


Happy New Year, and welcome back!


We are in the process of planning the Winter 2016 issue of our Department newsletter, the Urban Psychologist.


As part of the next issue, we are considering writing a story on undergraduate students who are engaged in their community in some meaningful way.  Examples might include volunteering at a hospital or agency, or being involved in governance of an organization, to name a few.


If you are involved in something that might be of interest for the story, please send the details (your name, the organization, and a few sentences describing what you are doing) to Sara Gallant (PhD student and co-editor of the Urban Psychologist).  It would be great to receive the information no later than Friday January 22.  We will follow up as needed.  Sara’s email is:  s7gallan@psych.ryerson.ca




Martin Antony
Chair, Department of Psychology