FRG 2016 Conference | Call for Papers & Posters

JournalThe annual University of Windsor Feminist Research Group (FRG) Conference is seeking proposals of graduate and undergraduate research. The conference is a one-day event held on the University of Windsor campus, open to all students, faculty, and community members.

The theme of the 2016 conference is Intersectionality and Identity Politics. As in previous years, the theme of the 2016 conference is broad with emphasis on intersections and debates within feminism including works and research related to intersectionality more generally. Submissions are not limited to theses or dissertation work;works in progress, course term papers and other research-related pieces are encouraged from any discipline.

We are looking for a diverse array of presentations from undergraduate and graduate students that incorporate, either directly or indirectly, issues related to intersecting identities and systems of oppression.


Your submission for presentation might be: a research report, a case study, a methodological presentation, or a theoretical or conceptual paper. Presenters are encouraged to avoid academic jargon to ensure that their work is accessible to a diverse audience. This conference is open to community members beyond the academic institution.


Poster presentations are visual displays of a selected topic on poster boards. The researcher accompanies the poster for a set period of time providing them with an opportunity to engage in active discussion with other conference participants. While posters may not be a familiar style of presentation for all disciplines, it can be used effectively for many types of research and explorations. Presenter(s) are expected to be available near their poster during the poster session to discuss their work.


Exhibits are spaces for creative or artistic productions that do not conform to traditional methods of presentation. These forms of presentation may be live installations, musical compositions, or visual art and may also include a brief oral presentation. When you submit a proposal for an art or music presentation, please ensure that you specify the nature of your presentation, the room, space and equipment requirements along with other information that is relevant to the presentation of your work.


To make a submission for consideration, please provide the following information in our online submission form at no later than Friday, February 5th, 2016:

  • Name, discipline and program of study (Undergraduate, MA, or PhD)
  • Contact information (both email address and phone number)
  • Format (presentation, poster or exhibit)
  • Keyword (maximum of 4 keywords)
  • Abstract (maximum 500 words)

The abstract from authors whose submissions are accepted to the conference will be published in the proceedings of the 2016 Feminist Research Group Conference, along with some helpful keywords describing their work. Proceedings will be made available in Scholarship at UWindsor ( under a Creative Commons Attribution License (