1450741007_pencilYou may be very concerned about the possible implications of your grades/standing. As you know, when the standings/grades come out the university is closed and you won’t have access to your counselling and department staff.

Please think about making a plan for yourself for that day, which includes telling a trusted friend or family member that you might need to call them for support if the news isn’t good. You can also call Good2Talk, Ontario’s post secondary student helpline to speak to a trained counsellor, 24/7: 1 866 925 5454.

We would also suggest, if you believe that you might need to appeal your standing, that you familiarize yourself with the policy about appeals and that you know about the RSUs workshops on appeals. You will get this information with your letter regarding your standing, but it doesn’t hurt to have a look now, if it could help you to feel more prepared.