November 17, 2015

RECODE Collaborate

bubblesIf you had the opportunity to redesign the education system, what would you change?  RECODE Collaborate would like to invite you to Ryerson’s first ever student-led conversation focused around changing the future of higher education in Canada.

Through collaborative roundtable discussions, we are encouraging students to engage with fellow classmates on the following topics:
  1. Complex issues or obstacles that they see are prevalent on their local campus
  2. Complex issues or obstacles that they see in the national higher education system as a whole
The purpose of these discussion will be to help students generate innovative ideas that challenge the status quo. By joining the discussions you have the opportunity to collaborate with students from different disciplines and faculties in order to stimulate sustainable solutions.
Following the roundtables students will be able to take their solutions to the next level with the support of RECODE Collaborate. So, join us for the opportunity to step up and take action on the ideas that you believe have the potential to redefine the meaning of education!
The discussion will be held at Ryerson SocialVentures Zone (ARC100) on Monday November 30th, from 6:30-9pm. Please RSVP for the discussion here! Refreshments will be provided.
For questions, please contact:
To learn more about RECODE Collaborate, visit