1447725007_ic_announcement_48pxI am pleased to announce that on November, 3, 2015, Ryerson’s Senate approved three new double major programs: Bachelor of Arts, English and History Double Major; Bachelor of Arts, English and Philosophy Double Major; and Bachelor of Arts, History and Philosophy Double Major.  These programs are the first double majors not only in the Faculty of Arts but at Ryerson University. Double majors address student demand and enhance student choice, and we are excited to offer these double majors as program transfer options for Fall 2016. The Faculty of Arts plans to develop more double major programs in the near future.

The new double major programs are based on the Arts’ first-year curriculum, which is shared by the Bachelor of Arts programs in Criminology, English, Environment and Urban Sustainability, Geographic Analysis, History, Philosophy, Politics and Governance, Psychology, Sociology and Undeclared Arts.  Students in any one of these BA programs may apply to transfer to one of the double major programs for the Fall 2016 term.  If you are currently a first-year student, all courses successfully completed in Year 1 of your current program will transfer to the double major program.  If you are currently in second or third year and are interested in transferring to one of the double majors, please consult with your program advisor or one of the individuals listed below for academic advising.

For more information about the double major programs, the transferability criteria, and the complete curriculum, link here: English and History Double MajorEnglish and Philosophy Double MajorHistory and Philosophy Double Major.  You will be receiving more information soon about the Fall 2016 program transfer application process.  In the meantime, feel free to contact the following individuals if you have questions about the double major programs.

Contact Information

BA, English and History Double Major
Contact:   Wendy Francis (wfrancis@arts.ryerson.ca)

BA, English and Philosophy Double Major
Contact: Ryan Walters ( r2walter@ryerson.ca)

BA, History and Philosophy Double Major
Contact: Anne-Marie Donovan (adonovan@arts.ryerson.ca)

Marcia Moshe
Associate Dean
Students & Undergraduate Studies