1443742414_conversationThere are  students who have been planning course requirements for teachers’ college under the mis-perceptions that their “major” and “minor” are equivalent to teachable subjects.  There is NO secret to applying to Teachers’ College.  Whether you are thinking of applying to Teachers’ College as your Plan A or a Plan B, the Faculty of Arts Career Counsellor can assist you in researching and applying to Teachers’ College in Ontario.

This workshop is designed to help prepare you with selecting teachables and the steps involve in completing the lengthy application.  Most importantly, this workshop will utilize various career counselling approaches to help you reflect on your experiences to showcase your teaching qualities. Applying to Teacher’s College is not an overnight decision or process, start now and gain your competitive edge.  See below for times, dates and location.

October 2nd , 2015 in JOR1043 | 2pm to  4pm.

*All sessions are first come first serve and it is limited seating.

*Students are encouraged to attend one of these workshops between requesting an individual career counselling appointment.