handdrawn-chalkboard-128If you ever thought that your degree is not relevant or not employable, here is an employer who disagrees with you.   Statistics Canada is an employer who values your liberal arts degree training and they are here to talk to you about their recruitment program.

They are specifically interested in meeting students who possess or will complete  2 sociology courses along with 2 statistics/research methods courses within their course work by the end of this academic year.

Image a career where you:

  • develop leading edge information that helps to shape and evaluate Canada’s economic and social policy
  • analyze, interpret, conduct research and disseminate information that contributes to Canadian’s understanding of the economy, the environment and the society
  • are part of an organization recognized as a world leader
  • benefit from a training and development program with varied assignments
  • have excellent prospects for advancement and mobility within the Federal Public Service.

This session is exclusive to all Arts students. This is a one-time information session to be held at our new Student Learning Centre in room 508 on September 24th, 2015 from 3pm to 4pm.  Seats are limited please rsvp sonny.wong@arts.ryerson.ca to confirm your attendance.  Do not be late for this employer information session.