4The new minor in Global Politics and Development offers students the opportunity to critically analyze conflict and power in the international system, and development issues in the Global South.

Students are able to take an array of courses from Politics, History, Economics, and Sociology to foster critical understanding and awareness about international politics, globalization, inequality, and conflict, and to apply this knowledge to their own disciplines. Students will gain a critical understanding of contemporary issues and events in world politics such as: war, revolutions, democratization, globalization, development, and the informal sector. The Global minor will be available to students across Ryerson from fall 2015. The Calendar description of the minor is at: http://ryerson.ca/calendar/2015‐2016/pg3949.html

Why Complete the Minor in Global Politics and Development?

  • Learn about contemporary conflict and peace initiatives in global politics
  • Learn about the causes and effects of globalization and neoliberalism
  • Learn about power and inequality in the international system
  • Learn about challenges to social and economic development in the Global South
  • Learn about tensions between development and climate change, democratization and human rights
  • Minor in Global Politics and Development” will be featured on your transcripts

Course Requirements (6 courses total)

  • Required (1‐2 of the following)
    • POL 208: Conflict and Change in World Politics
    • or POG 100: People, Power, and Politics & POG 225: Global Governance
    • or POG 323: The Politics of International Development, and POL 540: Issues in Third World Politics
  • Electives (4‐5 of the following)
    • ECN 220: Evolution of the Global Economy
    • GEO 108: Geography of the Global Village
    • GEO 208: Geography of the Global Economy
    • HIS 490: International Relations from 1945
    • POG 240: Introduction to Comparative Politics
    • POG 324: Global Political Economy
    • POG 423: Nationalism and Identity
    • POG 424: Human Rights and Global Politics
    • POG 431: Power, Hegemony and Resistance
    • POG 426: Contemporary Global Conflicts
    • POG 443: Global Cities
    • POL 601: Social Movements and Politics
    • POL 607: Politics of Technology and Globalization
    • POL 688: Colonialism and Imperialism
    • SOC 803: International Community Engagement