cautionWe’d like to remind all students that it is very important to check your advisement report every time you make a change to your schedule.  This report, among other things, will flag when a course is not applicable to your program.  When this is the case, it means that you are taking a course which will not count towards your degree, which you will pay and study for, while reaping no reward from all the time and effort spent (unless you’re taking the course just for the sake of learning!).

This section shows courses not being used to fulfill requirements. These courses can include:

  • Failed courses and any courses replaced for Grade Point Average (GPA) improvement that that can never be used to fulfill requirements
  • Courses that have already been completed once, but are being repeated
  • Transfer Credits and courses that are not officially part of your program
  • Courses that you are taking that apply towards a Minor, but not towards the degree (after you apply to graduate and select a minor, applicable courses are applied to Minor requirements)
  • The A-portion of any multi-term (A/B) course – the Earned Value of 2 is only on the B-portion of the course, which is used to fulfill your requirements

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