1438196730_CompuPic ProHow do humans form impressions of others based on their appearance? If you are interested in this and related questions, and are curious about research in psychology, volunteer to work in the Seeing Human Lab! [see http://hehmanlab.org for more information]

This opportunity is ideal for undergraduates considering a career in psychology or social science research, or those looking to learn more about research in psychology. Receive experience with research design, behavioral and neural data collection, and statistical analysis, while exploring questions about how cognitive and emotional factors (e.g., motivation, prejudice, stereotypes) influence perceptions of others and play out in behavior (e.g., dating, voting, hiring).
We are looking for individuals who can commit at least 8 hours a week for at least one year. No experience necessary.

For consideration, submit the application located at http://hehmanlab.org/join-the-lab.

Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Eric Hehman