hourglass-128It’s time to finalize your course schedule for the next academic year because next week is the final Course Intention Week.  Course Intention Week is May 11 to May 18, 2015. Select your courses for the next 2015/16 academic year (Fall and Winter semesters).  Remember: this is the final period to declare course intentions before schedules are released in August. Read this post for more information.

Quick Tips1430939611_reminder

Recap where you are in your degree so far.  Check your advisement report on RAMSS and see what you have taken and what you need to take.  Your advisement report is the most helpful and valuable tool you have for tracking your degree and is very user-friendly. It’s so easy, so have a go and follow these simple instructions if you need:

REVIEW YOUR ADVISEMENT REPORT | To use your advisement report on RAMSS, on the front page under “Academic Requirements” you’ll see a pulldown menu. Select “Academic Requirements” and then “Go to advisement report.” When you get to the report, expand all the boxes and RAMSS will tell you if the courses you are taking apply to your degree. If you have anything in the “Non-applicable” box, then you are taking the wrong class or have too many classes chosen.Here are some extra guidelines for checking your report from the Ryerson website.

CHECKLIST | Tick off what you’ve taken and map out what comes next for both Fall 2015 and Winter 2016

CALENDAR | Use the new calendar to see which courses are available (there are many extra, interesting and exciting Table III and IV choices on offer next year)

1ST YEAR STUDENTS – WARNING | Your required courses were automatically enrolled for you as a first-year student. However, from now on you need to complete course intentions for all required courses yourself. Don’t delay, make sure you sign up for your required courses next week!

RAMSS PORTAL | Log on to RAMSS and book in your course intentions.  It is super easy so don’t worry. Here are some very simple instructions to follow when completing your course intentions.

REMINDER | Don’t forget to validate your choices once you have put them in your shopping cart.  Validate, or your choices will not be registered. You should see a small “Validate” button next to each course selected indicating that you have completed course intentions successfully.  Then press “Enroll/Finish Enrolling” button after you have validated your choices.  You will then see a message of  “Success – the course has been added to your schedule” and not just “Success – the course is in your shopping cart”. If you then check your advisement report, you will see your course intention selection sitting there too.  Looking at your advisement report after you have completed the process is a great way to double-check that you have done your course intentions correctly.  


There are several new minors available starting in Fall 2015. If you are interested in taking a minor, map out in advance how the 6 courses needed for your minor will fit in your degree.  Again, use your Advisement report.  Here are some guidelines on minors including all new, up-to-date additions.

Psychology Liberal Studies Courses

Please be aware that Psychology courses listed in Table A (Lower Liberal) and Table B (Upper Liberal) do not count towards your degree and will not be applicable.  These courses are designed for non-psychology majors only.

Help & Advice

vector_65_01-128Sarah Carmichael (sarah.carmichael@psych.ryerson.ca) and Shadi Sibani (ssibani@psych.ryerson.ca) will be on hand to help by email or appointment.