Updated with photos & video!

This event was a huge success – thank you to everyone who made it out.  See the video here.

Please consider joining us this Thursday to support the SMART Lab Singers. This 50+ Choir has its origins in an undergraduate thesis completed this term by Saul Moshe-Steinberg. The choir will be performing for about 10 minutes starting at noon sharp in front of the Ryerson Image Arts Centre (33 Gould Street; “on the Eastern shore of Lake Devo”) as part of World Voice Day (http://world-voice-day.org).

There is something special about the members of this choir: All of them are seniors living with hearing loss. Since January of 2015, they have been involved in a study at the Smart Lab designed to track different aspects of their hearing. Singing appears to be a good means of supporting changes in the brain that underlie our ability to perceive speech in noise. In addition to having fun “finding their voices”, they are all experiencing objective improvements in hearing. Their performance on April 16 is one of the official events marking World Voice Day.

Visit http://smartlaboratory.org/smartlabsingers for more information.