transportation_serviceMany of students have been trying to plan your course work for teachers’ college under the mis-perception that your “major” and “minor” are equivalent to teachable subjects.

There is NO secret to applying to Teachers’ College but early planning is involve in making yourself the ideal candidate.  Whether you are thinking of applying to Teachers’ College as your Plan A or a Plan B, the Faculty of Arts Career Counsellor can assist you with steps to researching and applying to Teachers’ College in Ontario. This workshop is designed to help prepare yourself for the lengthy application process and highlight the steps involved in completing your application.

Most importantly, this workshop will utilized various career counselling approaches to help you reflect on your experiences to showcase your teaching qualities. Applying to Teacher’s College is not an overnight decision or process, start now and gain your competitive edge.   This is workshop is the last session offered this semester,  March 27th, 2015 in JOR1043 =>  from 10am to 12noon, first come first serve and it is limited seating.

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Sonny Wong holds a Masters Degree in Adult Education/Counselling Psychology with a focus on Work and Career from the University of Toronto – OISE. He is also a good standing member of OACCPP – Ontario Association of Consultants, Counsellors, Psychometrists, and Psychotherapists. As a Career Practitioner, Sonny offers one-on-one assistance and customized career education designed to assist clients in developing self-efficacy in the areas of educational and career decision making with the goal of constructing healthy career identity.