Student-3-128If you’re on schedule to complete your degree requirements by the end of the Winter 2015 term and plan to graduate in the Spring 2015 Convocation Ceremony (June 2015), the deadline to apply is Monday February 23rd, 2015.


You should run your advisement report prior to applying for graduation to ensure you have met the Psych Degree Curriculum requirements. Instructions on how to run and read your Advisement Report are available at:
If you have any unused courses or are missing some course requirements and don’t know why, please schedule an appointment with me to review your degree requirements (


Click on “Apply for Graduation” link in RAMSS. If you expect to complete your degree requirements by the end of this winter term, you should apply to graduate using RAMSS up until Monday 23rd February 2015, to ensure your candidacy for graduation in June 2015. Late fees apply after February 23rd (application in-person option only) up to March 13th, 2015.

Instructions on how to apply to graduate are available at

Once your application has been received, you can confirm receipt of your graduation application by looking for a ‘Checklist Item’ on the right-hand side of the RAMSS Student Center page. It will say “Spring Graduation App Received.” This notice only means that your application has been received – you will get confirmation by mail from the University if you have been approved to graduate. This is normally done 2 weeks prior to convocation (the mailed confirmation letter of your graduation eligibility will also contain your 2 tickets to convocation).


After you have submitted your application for graduation, and wish to be considered for graduation with a minor, you will also need to use the “Select a Minor” link. Instructions are available at You can confirm that the minor has been added by looking at the right-hand side of the “My Academics” page. (If, upon review, you do not qualify for the minor, it will be removed.)


You can CANCEL your application to graduate as late as Friday, May 8th, 2015. By that time, you would have a pretty good idea of your CGPA, should you feel it necessary to remain in your program and do additional courses to improve CGPA, or if you decide to stay to do additional courses to complete a minor. If you cancel your application, you would, of course, have to reapply for a future graduation date and pay the application admin fee again. This is still less expensive than paying the late application fee. If you cancel your application to graduate, there is no record of it outside of the Curriculum office. Nothing shows on a transcript, nobody knows you applied and changed your mind (same as if you apply and don’t meet requirements; there is no public record of that either).


Information on Convocation Ceremonies:
Convocation Dates & Deadlines can be found here:
Information about Graduation photos can be found here: and information on class composite photos can be found here:
Information about Graduating in Absentia can be found here: